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Cause and Effect

Dynamic neuroimaging techniques (e.g., fMRI) support the exploration of neurological organization in response to behavioral challenge tasks. Using these techniques it is possible to reveal patterns of systematic variation in the allocation or deallocation of structural loci that are associated … Continue reading

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Starting again

As Tony indicated in a recent e-mail, we have decided to restart this blog, which focuses on DP and social neuroscience.   I’m reposting a much expanded version of a message I sent to the Society listserv last May 11, with additional … Continue reading

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More about Persons and Capacity, Part 1

Please note that almost everything in this and the next post has already been discussed in my comment last evening in response to W. Schwartz and C.J. Stone.  I had prepared this two post sequence before submitting that comment, but … Continue reading

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Some (semi-rhetorical) questions about capacity

BOP presents several ways to think about capacity that I’ll first summarize in order to get to my questions.  All of the quotes below can be found in BOP, pp. 82-86. The rest of this post continues below the fold.

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Starting at the top

The issue of core human competences was introduced by Tony Putman in an earlier comment.  One of the interesting related sidelights suggested by this idea is the concept of talents or powers.  My recollection is that Pete Ossorio referred to … Continue reading

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Getting to know “Getting to know you”

The topic of empathy is an excuse for me to consider and summarize issues of embodiment and to encourage discussion.  Empathy is only an example used to illustrate the numbered issues below.  The same concerns hold relative to many person … Continue reading

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DP and a dementia rating scale

In “Becoming a non-person” I asked about what capacities are successively lost, from a DP perspective, as a person deteriorates into the neurological ravages of AD.  In an earlier post, Tony referred to “observation” as a core human competence.   In … Continue reading

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