Once more, with feeling …

Sometimes we need to take a break from public conversation to digest what has already been said. This blog has taken such a break, but the authors have not. Significant focus and consolidation have occurred in the past few months, and we are ready to begin the dialogue here again. Look for a new Post by Ned Kirsch soon, some Posts over the next week or so summarizing the understanding we have reached, and the launch of a new round of dialogue.

The authorship of this blog has expanded to include Jeff Evans, Joe Jeffrey and Paul Zeiger, along with original authors Ned Kirsch and Tony Putman. Each author has committed to participating in the on-going dialogue here, which includes responding to Posts by other authors. These authors will be responsible for establishing the focus of the dialogues. Everyone else is invited to read the Posts, and participate through Comments.

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2 Responses to Once more, with feeling …

  1. brucetrago says:

    I just finish reading a Stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor. She experienced her left side of her brain go off line. She reached a place of quiet and peace that she called Nirvana. Any comments on her observations; she is a neuro-anatanomist. BTS

    • tonyputman says:

      I haven’t read the book, Bruce, but I’m always happy to hear someone has experienced nirvana, even if it takes an “off-line” left brain to do it. I think this is more a “DP and spirituality” topic than neuroscience; it might make a good DP listserv thread.

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